An Ethiopian Black Seed Oil of exceptional quality and purity

Produced from a First Mechanical Cold Pression of Nigella Sativa Seeds from Ethiopia Certified 99,9% Pure

An ambitious project, which was to be able to respond to this growing demand from individuals and dealers, has finally seen the light of day. The Wadi Shibam® brand has built its reputation for the high quality of its products. And we are happy to finally be able to meet your highest expectations and not the least!

Exclusively with Wadi Shibam®, an Ethiopian Black Seed Oil, 100% pure and natural, only based on Black Seeds "Nigella Sativa" from Ethiopia Certified 99,9% Pure, and cold pressed without any chemical treatment, food grade. It is therefore fully consumable.


The Wadi Shibam® Brand

Founded on the idea of offering the guarantee of the Best or nothing, the Wadi Shibam® Brand has been since 2009:

  • A brand recognized and renowned for the quality of its products.
  • Cold pressed oils from the best raw materials.
  • A Black Seed Oil among the highest concentrations of Omega 6.
  • A Black Cumin Seed Oil from seeds of exceptional quality.
  • A constant search for the best raw materials.
  • A Careful customer service, fast and efficient.

Discovering the Nigella Sativa Seed from Ethiopia, its oil, its benefits, its use and its conservation...

1Origin of our Nigella Sativa Seed 99,9% pure

It is in Ethiopia, country known for producing one of the highest qualities of Nigella Sativa Seeds, that our seed is harvested. From its botanical name Nigella Sativa, it is also known by other names like the Black Cumin Seed or in Arabic like Habbat As-Sawda or Habbat Al-Baraka. Its name "Habachiya" comes from the Arabic translation of the term "Ethiopian".

In order to reach a purity level of 99% certified by third parties, our Nigella Sativa Seed, freshly harvested, is firstly cleared of its impurities by two consecutive passages in professional sorting machines but is especially then purified and sorted by hand for a result close to perfection.

This, in order to be able to obtain a Premium product thus reaching a 99,9% Certified Purity, of exceptional quality to become our only raw material when designing our famous Ethiopian Black Seed Oil.

2Black Seed Oil by Excellence

Coming only from a First Mechanical Cold Pression of Ethiopian Nigella Sativa Seeds or so-called "Habachiya", this Black Seed Oil with multiple virtues proves to be of a quality equal to the seeds from which it is produced.

So after a raw material selected for its purity certified to 99,9% and a careful design, this Black Cumin Seed Oil is not filtered to leave it as raw as possible and thus optimally conserve all the benefits and virtues of this known seed to be a cure for all illnesses except death.

100% pure and natural, cold pressed without any chemical treatment, our black cumin seed oil is for cosmetic use and food grade. It is therefore fully consumable.

In summary, after analyzing the composition of our oil in fatty acids, it appears that it has one of the highest concentrations of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids and Omega 6. To make it simpler, it is the Black Seed Oil by Excellence ...

3Properties and therapeutic benefits

It is mentioned in the prophetic tradition, that the black seed is a remedy for all ailments, except death. We can see the veracity of these words mentioned in the authentic of Al Boukhary, by the impressive number of studies that have been conducted on this miraculous seed.

It has therefore proved useful in the treatment of:
- type 2 diabetes, 2 grams per day helping to reduce fast blood sugars and insulin resistance.
- epilepsy, black seed having anti-convulsive properties.
- high blood pressure, if the latter is mild, black cumin seed oil having a hypotensive effect.
- asthma and dust allergies, one of its most active constituents, thymoquinone, having a more effective action than those of current drug prescriptions.
- colon cancer, Nigella Sativa Seed eliminating golden staphylococci that has antibiotic-resistant.
- poisoning by the respiratory tract, Black Seed Oil can reduce wheezing and respiratory symptoms.
- Addiction to opiates.

Finally, and more generally, Black Seed Oil is known for its virtues:
- analgesic, it combats pain
- anti-bacterial
- anti-inflammatory, it relieves muscle contractures, rheumatism and joint pain
- antioxidant, it helps slow aging
- hepatoprotective, it protects the liver.

Also helping to improve concentration, Black Seed Oil is particularly indicated for dry, sensitive and irritated skin because it is an excellent remedy in certain cases of skin conditions such as that:
- acne
- eczema
- psoriasis
- dermatitis
- chapped skin
- burns
- sunburn and consequent flaking
- dermal fungi
- itching.
Thanks to its soothing and calming properties, black cumin seed oil can also be used on the scalp. It would also help fight oxidation of cell membranes.

4Internal consumption and external application

Let's start with the precautions of use for the black seed and the black seed oil:
Contraindications: None.
Adverse effects: None.
Interactions with plants Medicinal products or supplements: None.
Drug interactions: None.
It is only advisable not to consume too much, because if necessary it can prove to be slightly toxic.

Thus, for more details on the consumption of the black seed and the black seed oil and their external application, we will mention certain passages of the chapter "Prophetic medicine" drawn from the work of Ibn Al-Qayyim "The baggage for the afterlife":

- The headache:
Ibn al-Qayyim says: " The application of black seed oil eliminates headaches not accompanied by fever."
A second method of use: apply black seed oil on the painful part then massage.
A third: mix the seeds of crushed black seed in olive oil and administer a few drops of the resulting product nasally.

- Hemi-cephalic migraine:
Take a small amount of crushed cloves, Black seed powder and crushed barley, mix everything well and knead with bee honey.
Apply the mixture on the suffering part in the evening until morning, accompanying this treatment with a taking a teaspoon of black cumin seed oil on an empty stomach for three days.

- Colds:
Ibn al-Qayyim says: "If the patient puts in a jar of the crushed Black seeds which he smells regularly, he will be freed from his cold.”
Roasted then pillaged, finally mixed with olive oil then administered by the nasal route in the form of drops, three four times a day, the patient is cured of the occasional cold accompanied by numerous sneezing.

- Toothache, gum, aluette and throat:
Ibn al-Qayyim states: "If the Black seed is cooked with vinegar and the patient uses the preparation in mouthwashes, the patient's toothache produced by sensitivity to cold will disappear."
Other preparation: Boil black seeds and use the water from the porridge in mouthwashes and gargles. Spread black seed oil on the neck and edges of the upper jaw on the side of the teeth, taking a spoonful of black seed oil on an empty stomach every morning.

- Dizziness, otitis and hearing disorders:
Against vertigo, it is advisable to massage the temples and nape of the black seed oil.
Against otitis, it is advisable to put a few drops of black seed oil well filtered in the ear.

- Eye ailments:
Apply black seed oil around the eye and mix a few drops of this oil to any hot drink or even carrot juice and consume the mixture.

- Occasional deformation of the facies:
Ibn al-Qayyim says: "Black seed oil remedies also to deformities of the chin (when the latter tends to lean towards one side of the face) by application and massage of the nose."

- In the treatment of insomnia:
Take a spoonful of black seed oil mixed with very hot milk sweetened with bee honey.

- In the treatment of headache:
Take a spoonful of black cumin seed oil mixed with blackberry juice.

- Treating shortness of breath and respiratory failure:
Ibn al-Qayyim says: "Taking a quantity of black seeds mixed with water eliminates the shortness of breath and respiratory problems."

- Asthma:
Boil black cumin seed oil and breathe deeply the vapor given morning and evening by adding a spoonful of black seed oil to grind and swallow morning and evening also, provided that this is done before meals. It is also advisable to massage the breast and neck with black cumin seed oil before bed.
It is generally advisable to consume a lot of black cumin seed oil because of what it contains black seeds which the properties promoting good breathing are known in the treatment of asthma and cough.

- Heart problems and blood pressure:
It is advisable to consume black seed oil in quantity with any hot drink due to its absorption of fat and its power to widen veins and arteries.

- Hypertension:
Add a few drops to any hot drink and consume.

- Lung diseases due to cold:
Take a large spoon of black cumin seed oil, mix with water, bring to a boil, inspire vapors given off by putting a towel over your head. Take thyme herbal tea mixed with black seed powder or its oil.

- Stomach and intestines ailments:
Ibn al-Qayyim declares: "the black seed oil reduces stomach ailments."

- The bitterness:
A few drops of black seed oil mixed with very hot milk sweetened with bee honey.

- Ulcers:
Take a spoonful of black seed oil, mix with a coffee cup of bee honey, add a spoon of sweet pomegranate peels, consume the mixture daily on an empty stomach followed by a glass of unsweetened milk for two months.

- Intestinal crises:
Take equal amounts of anise, cumin and mint, mix and boil, sweeten with honey and add a spoon of black cumin seed oil to the infusion. Consume hot. It is desirable to massage the painful area with black cumin seed oil.

- Pains of the pancreas:
Put a compress of confetti of black cumin seed kneaded in warmed olive oil on the left side before sleeping. Consume in parallel a glass of fenugreek herbal tea sweetened with honey and added a spoon of black cumin seed oil for fifteen days.

- Bloating and gas expulsion:
Ibn al-Qayyim declares: "The black seed eliminates bloating, clears the obstructed ducts and dissolves the gases."
Put three drops of black seed oil in a cup of coffee or tea and consume.

- Nausea and vomiting:
A spoonful of crushed clove, a spoonful of black seed oil, mixed with a mint tea for three days.
Other process: Boil black seed and cloves and consume three times a day without sweetening.

- Diarrhea:
Mix a tablespoon of black seed oil in a glass yogurt and consume. Repeat the treatment until the diarrhea disappears.

- Problems linked to the elimination of urine, menstruation and breast activity:
Ibn al-Qayyim tells us: "Pounded, kneaded with honey and consumed with hot water, ... the black seed facilitates the elimination of urine, menstruation and overcomes the problems of secretion of milk if the mixture is consumed regularly.
Another method: Massage the part above the bladder with black cumin seed oil while consuming an infusion of black cumin seed sweetened with honey every night before sleeping."
- Sexual insufficiency:
Take 200 grams of well crushed black seeds, add 100 grams of crushed male frankincense, 50 grams of black seed oil, 50 grams of arugula oil, 50 grams of olive oil, 200 grams of pure bee honey. Mix everything and consume a spoon with each meal. The 120 year old old man will feel the vitality of a 20 year old man.

- Back and joint aches (rheumatism):
Slightly warm black seed oil and massage the painful area vigorously.
Also consume a spoon of black cumin seed oil three times a day.

- Treatment of sprains and bruises:
Boil a handful of black seeds, immerse the affected limb in the water of the porridge for a quarter of an hour while trying to gently articulate the limb.
Then massage the limb with black seed oil. Do not bandage, shake or wear anything before sleeping.

- The reduction of fractures:
Take a soup of lentils, onion and hard-boiled eggs.
Consume with a spoon full of black seed oil.
Massage black seed oil in the areas near the fracture.
As soon as the plaster is removed, massage gently with heated black seed oil.

- Brittle bones and the problem of paralysis in children:
After removing the child's clothes from a warm room, pricking the child's entire body fish thorns after which massage with black cumin seed oil.
Administer three times a day to the patient a spoon of fish oil.

- Fight against hair loss:
Massage the lemon scalp well, and leave to act for a quarter of an hour.
Wash thoroughly with shampoo and then dry well. Then apply black seed oil all over the scalp for a week and the hair loss will disappear completely if Allah wills it.

- Treatment of total and partial baldness:
A spoonful of crushed black seeds, a teaspoon of diluted vinegar, a teaspoon of garlic juice.
Mix everything and apply to the affected part after removing the hair and scraping the diseased part. Cover with a compress and leave to act from morning to evening. Then massage black seed oil for a week.

- Treatment of herpes:
Apply black seed oil on the sick part daily.
It is advisable to repeat the operation several times a day.

- The treatment of various manifestations of dermal fungi:
Take a glass of crushed black seeds, a glass of apple essence, a glass of black seed oil.
Boil the essence of apple then successively pour the crushed black seeds and then the oil. Stir until thickened.
Apply to the sick part for a week.

- Treatment of warts:
Massage with black seed oil for fifteen days applying to take a spoonful of black cumin seed oil three times a day.

- Treatment of skin depigmentation and crusts:
Ibn al-Qayyim says: "Pounded and mixed with vinegar and then spread on the parts affected by depigmentation or crusts or dandruff, the black seed eradicates the evil."

- Elimination of juvenile acne:
Add half a glass of pomegranate peelings to a glass of black seed. Mix everything with a glass of apple essence. Reheat to tolerable temperature and mix with the same amount of black cumin seed oil. Apply to pimples and tuberosities.

- Treatment of dermal diseases in general:
Prepare a mixture of black seed oil, rose oil and wheat flour in proportions 2 ‑1‑1 respectively. Clean the diseased area with a cotton pad soaked in diluted vinegar, spread the preparation and expose the diseased area to the sun early in the morning. It is advisable to avoid foods causing allergic effects: eggs, fish, mango etc.

- Treatment of eczema:
Apply lukewarm black seed oil on the parts irritated.

- Treatment of depressive states:
Add five drops of black cumin seed oil to a cup of coffee or tea.

- Treatment of localized cancer:
Massage three times a day the location of the tumor and take after each meal, for three months, a glass of carrot juice mixed with a spoon of black cumin seed oil.

- Treatment of diabetes:
A glass of crushed black seeds mixed with a spoon of finely ground myrrh, half a glass of cardamine seeds, a glass of crushed pomegranate peels, a glass of crushed cabbage seeds, a spoon of ferrule mixed with black cumin seed oil; Consume on an empty stomach.

- Treatment of gynecological and obstetric problems:
Take a spoonful of black cumin seed oil and mix with an infusion of anise sweetened with honey, five times a day for forty days.
It is advisable to use black cumin seed oil with all hot drinks against obstetric diseases.

- Treatment of bad-looking:
Mix a spoon of black cumin seed oil and a spoon of olive oil, massage the face of this mixture and leave to act for one hour. Wash the face with soap and water.

- Development of intelligence and improvement of memory:
Put a spoonful of black cumin seed oil in a sweet mint tea with natural honey. Consume hot.

- Treatment of general fatigue:
Take daily and on an empty stomach a glass of orange juice mixed with a medium spoon of black cumin seed oil for ten days.

5Storage advice and fatty acid composition

Storage conditions:
Vegetable oil sensitive to oxidation. Store in a cool, dry place (<20°C) away from air and light.

Fatty acid composition:
- Essential fatty acids poly- unsaturated (PUFA) (Omega-6): 62.5%
- Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) (Omega-9): 22.3%
- Saturated fatty acids (AGS): 15.2%

Note: linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid belonging to the omega-6 family. This fatty acid is not synthesized by the body. This is why it is said to be an "essential" fatty acid. An omega-6 deficiency can lead to intense dryness of the skin and allergies. At the cutaneous level, this fatty acid enters into the composition of ceramides. It participates in the reconstitution of epidermal lipids and promotes good cohesion of the skin cells between them. Linoleic acid helps limit water loss from the skin while having softening and nutritive qualities.

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